I'm Brett: Digital Native, Growth Pioneer, Left-Brain.

Marketing Leader. Consultant & Freelancer.

I’ve spent the past 15 years immersed in the world of startups,  digital marketing, and new media. I do radical work for awesome brands. My deep roots in SEO, SEM, and user acquisition have helped to shape my tech-enabled, data-driven, approach to channel marketing and Go-To-Market projects.

I’ve taken what I’ve learned from my in-house experience, advanced training programs and mentors/ advisors to develop a proprietary approach that fits projects both large and small.

Why Get in Touch?

-I’m a nice guy and I’ll prepare a free opportunity analysis for you.
-Risk-free trial engagement – I don’t know anyone else who offers this. If we work together on crafting the process, deploying the workflow and yet, if you’re not seeing growth, you won’t pay a dime.
-Customer satisfaction and referrals are the fuel of my business. If I’m not the right fit for your needs, chances are one of my 20+ partners will be.

What do I Charge?

Next to nothing and certainly less than an entry-level FTE. I run my business with hundreds of automations and prebuilt workflows allowing us to beat the average agency price by over 200%.

Ready for the most important conversation since you were hired? 

It’s free when you book a call: brettgreenbaum.com/time
Time sensitive Email me (or text): bg@berad.one 
Cell: 415-2 eight 6-2 nine 21                                                          

These Testimonials Speak for Themselves

Looking for more social-proof than just a few quotes? Don't hesitate to reach out to learn more about my certifications, awards, and success stories.

"Brett has deep expertise in digital marketing which can be very hard to find. He delivered when it came to making insightful decisions, finding new optimizations, areas for growth and as the overall "go-to" expert for our digital presence. Brett is a true growth marketing thought leader and has both led teams as well as been in the trenches"

Shannon Pham VP Demand Generation, Fairmarkit

"Brett joined us in a consulting capacity to help manage and scale our paid search program. He quickly expanded his role, functionally acting as our first (contract) marketing hire at RenoFi, helping with everything from marketing operations, building email nurture sequences, data analysis, ROAS, and SEO. He made a huge impact in a relatively limited consulting role and helped lay much of the groundwork for where are marketing programs live today."

Justin Goldman Founder & CEO RenoFi

"Brett built out our inbound marketing program with outstanding ROI results to show for it. As a demand generation practitioner with a passion for reporting and data, he was able to turn our paid search, SEO, web referral and conversion optimization programs into machines, consistently beating quotas and finding new ways to drive growth quarter and quarter. I am glad we had the chance to work together and recommend Brett for any B2B marketing role looking to drive web traffic and accountable pipeline results in a SaaS environment."

Rob Israch President and CMO of Tipalti

Finally... a marketing budget that makes sense.

Helping business generate measurable and positive ROI is my passion. Over the past 15 years working in digital and growth marketing, I’ve learned there is no ‘magic bullet’ or playbook. Every brand is different, meaning every service I offer is personalized to your needs.

I pride myself on being a HUMAN and NOT another AGENCY

Just a few of the game-changing brands I've had the pleasure to work with.

Work Samples (reach out for specific types of examples)

Portfolio: Web, Graphic, Interactive

Content Marketing: Video, podcasts, blogs, and gated assets

Please email for real examples out in the wild. For privacy reasons, these are password protected.

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